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It´s time for the next step on our journey.
Coeli Global AB has changed name to Brock Milton Capital AB

It's the same Portfolio Managers, analysts, history, investment philosophy, risk profile, etcetera. Our funds have just changed their names to BMC Global Select and BMC Global Small Cap Select.

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Our Investment Philosophy

At Brock Milton Capital, we know that active capital management makes the difference over the long term. Our aim is to create high positive returns for our unitholders over time and to do so in a sustainable, balanced, and risk-adjusted manner. As global portfolio managers, we are able to choose our favorites from among thousands of companies. The companies we call Champions are market leaders in their industry, offering appealing profit growth, solid balance sheets, and pricing power. These are companies we like to own for the long term. We can also choose more opportunistically, investing in what we call Special Situations. These are companies currently out of favor in the market and thus have a particularly low valuation. In these cases, we believe the market opinion is too harsh and the stocks deserve higher valuations, and once these companies reach that point, we exit.

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Monthly Newsletter | 13 Jun 2024

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Monthly Newsletter | 13 Jun 2024

BMC Global Small Cap Select May 2024

Monthly Newsletter | 13 Jun 2024

(German) BMC Global Select Mai 2024

Monthly Newsletter | 13 Jun 2024

BMC Global Select May 2024

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Our history

Our journey began in November 2014 when Andreas Brock established the Coeli Global Select fund. He was joined in 2016 by Henrik Milton, and together these stock pickers  have successfully managed Coeli Global Select for many years, launching new funds along the way. They have known each other since the 1990s and long before they worked together, they spoke daily about the market and various stocks. By 2024, it was time for the next chapter in the story, with the change of name from Coeli Global AB to Brock Milton Capital AB. Apart from this name change, everything else remains the same: the philosophy, the funds, the fund managers, analysts, product specialists, the coffee machine—everything.

Philip ESG


We do this because we want to. The world faces numerous challenges, and we want to be part of the process in helping to resolve these. We also believe that companies taking ESG seriously are better run than others and create higher potential returns for our unitholders at lower risk to their investments. It is essential for us that a company has a sustainable business model that incorporates ESG.


You vs the market

Our  Portfolio Manager Andreas Brock has written a book about what he is passionate about and has worked with for many years, i.e. investing in winning stocks. He raises questions such as: what distinguishes a winning and affordable stock? How do you recognize a particularly good company? How do you find great companies to own for the long term?

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The app

Now you can follow us at Brock Milton Capital no matter where you are. With our app, you can take part in portfolio manager comments, reviews of holdings, interviews, our participation in the media, podcasts, upcoming events and much more. The app is called Coeli Global (getting a new name soon) and you can find it where apps are.

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